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I woke up with high fever this morning which forced me to clear up my daily schedule and stay in bed. 
I slept a lot, relaxed my body and dreamt of . .

. . Upcoming summer holidays on the beach. I miss home!

. . Coachella! I would have loved to be in the desert the past weekend! 
Maybe next year?? 
. . A new red lipstick! (It’s when you can’t that you would like to dress up the most!)

I don’t feel hungry at all but I wouldn’t mind the boyfriend to arrive home with a jar of candies for me!!

. . Of fairy dust to help me get well soon, because I hate being sick! 
(This one just made me smile!!)

. . These mules by Tibi.

. . of the 19th April: Long weekend in Amsterdam.

. . of going to the movies . . YSL!
. . of these Alexander Wang short, of summer, of sun!

. . of a Chanel mani right now!

Sweet dreams to all of you Nicky x

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