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Emma’s fifth month has been so full of milestones! She started to communicate with us.. in her own way! Our days are filled with screams and laughter. Most of all, last weekend, when she was exactly 5 month and a half, she sat up by herself! (and I am so proud of myself for being camera ready!!). So now she sits up right for longer than 30 seconds.. we reached a good 10 minutes! I am still a bit cautious so I constantly surround her with pillows ahah!

One of her favourite games is, of course, trying to grab anything that is ‘forbidden’! A glass, a knife, computer cables.. Everything seems to be more interesting then her own toys! So typical! Last but not least, she sleeps through the night.. After her last feed between 11:30/12 she sleeps all the way until 8 o’clock in the morning! We are in for a treat!!

I am also having more fun dressing her, and here it comes my favourite part 😉 hey! I couldn’t wait to start playing with her hair accessories (not much hair there yet ooopss!..) and her package from BANABEAN couldn’t arrive at a most perfect timing! Isn’t it the dream of every little girl new mom to have a box of beautiful hair accessories delivered to you monthly? The site is launching soon but you can already sign up on the waiting list and tell a friend for the chance to win a free month!! Have fun with your little fashionistas! 😉

Emma is wearing:

Hair band: Baby Bling via BANABEAN | Cardigan: The White Company |


25.12.15 Emma’s first Christmas


26.11.15 Emma Maaike -16 weeks

These days Emma is obsessed with trying to sit up and look around the room. She is getting so stronger but of course it’s too early. It’s her favourite thing to do.. together with sucking and biting anything that comes close to her. My favourite thing to do with her is our afternoon nap.. The longest the better! She never napped before for more than 20 minutes so I am really enjoying this new moment that we share together daily. I realise that they are babies for such a short time, I am trying to enjoy each stage of development, because they pass so quickly..

Emma is wearing:

Top: Petit Bateau (similar here on sale!) | Pants: Feetje (here)






12270124_10154322215453219_1082643791_n16.11.15 Emma Maaike -15 weeks – 3 months old

I have decided to start this page to share the best moments of Emma’s life captured in pictures. I am not in the position of giving tips about babies, not just yet.. I am learning day by day. Everything is a discovery and an experiment really. This space will be more like a photo album to follow Emma’s growth and milestones, to share baby outfits, reviews of baby products and experiences with other mommies and mommies-to-be. One of the reasons I wanted a dedicated part of my blog to Emma is because she is now great part of my every day life and time is absolutely flying by. I feel like yesterday when she was born and now she is able to grab her toys.. and try to eat all of them.. yes, anything she catches goes straight to her mouth! She laugh first thing in the morning and when she is happy screams the funniest noises and immediately after pulls a very surprised face, she’s the funniest! She loves to touch my face, hold my hand and watch baby songs on youtube with daddy. I’ve spent the most incredible 15 weeks, I have laughed, I have cried, I have learnt to do anything with one hand, I have taken more photos an entire pc memory can sustain, I have spent more money on Emma’s clothes than mine, I have made up any kind of tricks to make her sleep or smile, I have been googling anything concerning babies, I have loved but also had any bad experience about breastfeeding and have no problem to admit I found relief in the formula milk (I am still breastfeeding at nights and mornings).

Having a baby and immediately after moving to a new country have been harder than expected but Emma is making me the happiest person I ever thought possible and I still can’t believe how much my life has changed.

I can’t certainly stop the time but I can stop every day to take pictures and videos of her and write as much as I can with the hope she will enjoy reading it one day.






As introduced by the title of this post, I went a bit outside the box with this outfit and it was actually fun! It’s the first poncho in my closet and I discovered a great piece which is versatile and fun to wear! It gives me the same feeling of an oversized jumper but adding more style to the ensemble. It’s a great way to look chic while staying cozy. Also, I would add a high waisted belt to make it more elegant. The trick with this poncho is to layer it in the right way to make sure you do not feel too cold now that the temperatures are dropping.

When I buy trendy pieces like this one, I am not completely I will wear very often or simply I want to experiment, I don’t involve big bucks and opt for high street.  This Zara steal is even on sale now! Instead, with the shoes is a different story. These boots are an Acne Studios classic which are still getting used to the maximum and it was one of my best shoes investment. The design is still very actual even if I bought them almost 3 years ago and the block heel is perfect to stroll around the city. The cost per wear in this case was certainly maximised!

It’s fun to experiment new pieces and mix and match them with your wardrobe staple to make you still feel ‘at home’ but yet having fun! Fashion is there to be experimented and enjoyed! Have fun with it!





Inside Out the Look:

Cape: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Hat: Forever 21 | Bag: Balenciaga | Shoes: Acne | Bracelet: Chandrah






The new year is here and first of all I want to wish you all a great 2016 and thank you for sticking with me for almost two years now. It’s been two years full of changes both with blogging and with my personal life. As you know, and for the ones who don’t know, in 2015 a lot happened. Becoming a mother received all my attention but also we got engaged and finally moved from London to Amsterdam.

Due to circumstances, I had to leave my blog a bit behind but I knew this was going to change. In 2016 we have a wedding to organise in Italy and I intend to focus on making Amsterdam my new ‘home’, redecorating our apartment and potentially buying a bigger one but most of all taking blogging to the next level, focusing on it full time together with taking care of little baby Emma Maaike.

We are working on a brand new website releasing soon which I am super excited about, I will be based in a new workspace this week at #workmode,  we have new new exciting projects lined up, I am planning to attend London and Milan fashion weeks in February and I will share all this with you daily on the blog and on my socials!

I am very excited about these new beginnings but for this weekend, I am still cozying up at home in my current favourite chunky knit, snuggling my baby who is fighting her first cold and browsing through the winter sales in front of the fireplace.







Inside Out the Look:

Sweater: Zara | Denim: Top Shop | Shoes: Acne | Bag: Balenciaga | Sunglasses: Celine | Bracelet: Chandrah



When I moved to Amsterdam 3 months ago I would have never have thought of strolling around the city in such an outfit in mid December. I was more thinking of which parka coat would have been the warmest to deal with the Dutch winter weather. Well.. Since I am a lover of warm weather, it looks like my prayers have been listened to! So, this week when I checked my weather app (I always do because I don’t like to take out Emma in the rain)  I got the biggest surprise! 13 degrees.. Whaaat?? This could only mean.. Spring and fall clothes can make a come back! So they did! My favourite miu miu loafers I thought I could only meet again in the ‘so far away’ spring!

But I am not here to talk about the weather. What I do love to talk about is an outfit building! In this case ‘how you can pull off spring clothes in winter’. Here is one example: I combined my favourite spring (or fall) shoes – heels or flat would work the same way – with my favourite sweater, keeping a ‘wintery’ colour palette. It gives a good balance and still keeps your body warm, plus you can still enjoy some of your favourites you were only dreaming to wear again soon.


Inside Out the Look:

Shoes: Miu Miu similar here on sale | Jeans: Levi’s vintage | Sweater: Claudie Pierlot similar here | Sunglasses: Celine | Bracelet: Chandrah | Watch: Triwa | Bag: Valentino