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I should know better after all these years in London. Am I a cold season lover? Nope. I was born and raised by the Italian seaside. So at least I should be cautious. Also the cold and rainy weather lower my spirits. In fact, at the first raises of sun and the calendar tells me it’s mid April. Here I go all sleeveless and in a denim jacket. Like I would do back home indeed.  

I live in a country where girls go around almost completely unclothed. It is not a myth, believe me, the English do not feel the cold. The day, they go around in stocking and pumps. In the evening, micro dresses, no coats, no jackets, no tights. 
Not speaking about the Dutch. During winter time, my boyfriend jumps on the bike, still with wet hair! Leaving me in shock. And I in all this? I wear a t-shirt for a couple of days in the sun and I am sick. I am not expressing a criticism. I admit. I ‘m envious!

Did I think this year would be different? Yes! Like I do every year. 
Did I ended up in bed with the flu? Yes! Like I do every year.
You tricky London! 
And me? I never learn.

On a different note, some of my looks were published today by the online magazine LOOK. So if you like my blog and my pictures it would be really nice to vote, it only takes few seconds! Grazieee 🙂 
Click here and here.

Trainer: Adidas Stan Smith (here) | Denim: Diesel (similar here) | Sweater: Claudie Pierlot (similar here)  | KWay: Maje (here) | Carry-All Pouch: American Apparel (here

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