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When I got pregnant I promised myself I would not wear any maternity clothes! First time mom, lifetime fashionista . . What did I know?? I remember a little crisis I had around 20 weeks when I could not fit my beloved leather pants anymore. I admit it kind of felt the end of the world!!

I was able to stretch myself into my regular bottoms until the end of the second trimester, then I had to start research for maternity brands, unless I wanted to start leaving the house with my trousers unbuttoned . . Mmmh . . Not a good idea! People might misinterpret me! 😉

After some research I found out they do maternity clothes for a reason! Like these Isabella Oliver joggers, they are more flattering than regular pants on all my growing parts, not to mention they are super comfortable! Personally, I was able to get away with 1 pair of joggers and 3 maternity denims which I plan to reach the due date with and at least the first month or two post pregnancy.

My tip is you don’t need much! 4 pieces of maternity pieces are getting me through my 3rd trimester comfortably and stylishly too. If you are not ready to let go of the majority of your wardrobe, like I am, you can still wear all of your tops, shoes and handbags . . The big splurge is on accessories! . . And the cutest baby outfits of course!!

More maternity outfit inspo on my instagram @nickyinsideout

How did you go through your maternity wardrobe??

Joggers: Isabella Oliver (here) | Shoes: HM (on sale now!) | Shirt: Zara man (try more here) | Cardigan: Zara man (more here)

Sunglasses: Celine (more here) | Bag: Celine (more totes on sale here)











Photos by Helen

Just before Christmas I met up with Helen author of the blog Boho Tailor – We met in Mayfair during my lunch break and rather then food we preferred photo shooting! My dear friend Lorna – Lornaluxe – already told me how great Helen was, in fact it could be no wrong! Helen was great, lovely personality and very talented photographer – you can see it yourself on her blog section Boho behind the Lens. And thinking of Helen now, as long as I love layering, and enjoyed wearing this outfit, I would rather be with her enjoying the sun in Bondi beach in a tank top..

Inside Out the Look:

Sweater: Zara (similar here) | Leather shorts: .Object Collectors Items (more here) |

Coat: Isabel Marant x HM (similar on sale here) | Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood (more on sale here) |

Sunglasses: Celine Audrey (here)






As suspected and expected I hang out in the mens department last night at the ALEXANDER WANG X HM pre launch shopping event. Happily, I succeeded in taking home my favourite goodies! The sweater turned out to be the most popular must have of this collection and was sold out within minutes.. Panic! The luck of hanging out in the mens department is that you can ‘casually’ help out a solo guy trying to pick the best item for himself and he will be happy to leave you his ‘second choice’.. Adore being a girl with a boyish look taste!

Inside Out the Look:

Biker jacket: ALEXANDER WANG X HM (here – this one is womenswear!) |

Scuba sweater: ALEXANDER WANG X HM (here) |

Silk skirt: Zadig & Voltaire (similar here) | Boots: Zara (wide selection here)








This time I surprised myself when I picked up the colour of love. In the monochrome land of my closet I wondered if this will love me back. Just in case, I prefer to call it the ‘pale sweater’ not to shock the people around me when they see me coming on the world wide web or the actual streets.

If you ask my mother, pink used to be my favourite colour. EEeeKk! It was upsetting me so much when she would rather dress me in white and navy. She used to answer me ‘why would you be the same of all the other girls?!’..

I’ve got a cool mother! Now I am proud!

In the game of contrasts, I paired it with black leather, a splash of red and my favourite shoes of the moment! I end up liking the most scented of shades for the sweetest of memories. The final verdict about this blush jumper is inviting the alternative of black when it comes to snap a spin to winter basics.

Inside Out The Look:

Angora Jumper: Maje (try this) | Leather Shorts: Object (try this) | Shoes: Zara (more here) |

Coat: Zadig&Voltaire (similar on sale here) | Bag: DVF (more here)


10726210_10153256966808219_1159445860_n 10726756_10153256966598219_42083045_n 10728541_10153256966818219_1583561267_n 10728561_10153256966548219_1276861177_n 10729064_10153256966903219_2109233666_n 10735644_10153256966618219_1897382822_n 10735903_10153256966713219_343347646_n 10743304_10153256966758219_882032735_n 10743602_10153256966893219_339767697_n 10743686_10153256966838219_2140764161_n 10744821_10153256966703219_1713656668_n


The result of mixing sport, performance and style.

I was flattered to be invited to the press presentation of the latest HM collaboration. Not only I knew it was a sure score by the Swedish fast-fashion enterprise (see here the full collection) but also this one really reflects my favourite street style #sportluxe #sportchic #streetwear.. and so she goes. We are talking workout clothes to mix up with our usual urban wardrobe.

The collection controls a city girl style in a mixture of sport and action for a day to night look. It screams coolness in every piece, woman and man, my favourites being the black foam-injected crocodile-patterned sweatshirt and the scuba one embossed with AW branding.

Least but not last the addition of lifestyle objects .. who wouldn’t like to own a pair of actual size boxing gloves hanging on their wall?

Nail some shopping to be done on November the 6th, until then let’s save some penny. This time the price point goes up for a totally worth it performance.. my gym is outdoor!