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The result of mixing sport, performance and style.

I was flattered to be invited to the press presentation of the latest HM collaboration. Not only I knew it was a sure score by the Swedish fast-fashion enterprise (see here the full collection) but also this one really reflects my favourite street style #sportluxe #sportchic #streetwear.. and so she goes. We are talking workout clothes to mix up with our usual urban wardrobe.

The collection controls a city girl style in a mixture of sport and action for a day to night look. It screams coolness in every piece, woman and man, my favourites being the black foam-injected crocodile-patterned sweatshirt and the scuba one embossed with AW branding.

Least but not last the addition of lifestyle objects .. who wouldn’t like to own a pair of actual size boxing gloves hanging on their wall?

Nail some shopping to be done on November the 6th, until then let’s save some penny. This time the price point goes up for a totally worth it performance.. my gym is outdoor!


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