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Hi everyone!

I started Chic’n Mayo on September the 3rd 2013 and after 5 months I admit my blog was kind of ‘poor of contents’ simply because I wasn’t really sure on what I wanted from it. 

My passion for fashion has been for all my life mis-interpreted by many people around me. 
I didn’t study fashion at university. I chose business economics, specialised in marketing followed by a Msc in Management at London Cass Business School. At the age of 26 after my graduate and post graduated conventional studies, my big passion didn’t change. I decided to stay in London. I chose the difficult way. I believe my life would have been much easier in many ways in Italy, close to my family and my friends. But I always felt this city could have offered me much more! And it did! I joined my passion with my knowledge and I am now Expert Manager for SMCP Group, Maje in particular and I live in a pretty apartment in East London with the love of my life. 
But I feel I still want to play more. And this blog can allow me to play with my creativity, my imagination, my superficiality and my hunger for life. 
Simply I cannot live without the fashion world.
I need to express myself, I need to talk, to exchange opinions . . So, this blog is for myself in the first place but also for all of you that will read it, visit the pages, like the pictures and the contents. 
NICKY INSIDE OUT is my home. By entering it,  you will discover my passions, the things I love, my wishes and my dreams. Showing off is the last thing that interests me. Its just a way to express myself and you can all be part of my game here!
With love, 

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