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From fashionable camel to dusky pink.. this colour combo makes for a spring pick-a-boo during grey December days.

While you’ve already seen the Maje jumper, the coat is a new entry! The most beloved piece of my winter wardrobe and very first tailor made coat by my very special designer friend Pia, all the way from Copenhagen! I adore walking the streets of London wearing something so exclusive!

Inside Out the Look:

Coat: by P L S (here) | Jumper: Maje (similar here) | turtleneck: Zara (similar here) | Leather trousers: Maje (here) |

Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith (here) | Bag: Balenciaga (more here) | Sunglasses: Celine (try here)








This time I surprised myself when I picked up the colour of love. In the monochrome land of my closet I wondered if this will love me back. Just in case, I prefer to call it the ‘pale sweater’ not to shock the people around me when they see me coming on the world wide web or the actual streets.

If you ask my mother, pink used to be my favourite colour. EEeeKk! It was upsetting me so much when she would rather dress me in white and navy. She used to answer me ‘why would you be the same of all the other girls?!’..

I’ve got a cool mother! Now I am proud!

In the game of contrasts, I paired it with black leather, a splash of red and my favourite shoes of the moment! I end up liking the most scented of shades for the sweetest of memories. The final verdict about this blush jumper is inviting the alternative of black when it comes to snap a spin to winter basics.

Inside Out The Look:

Angora Jumper: Maje (try this) | Leather Shorts: Object (try this) | Shoes: Zara (more here) |

Coat: Zadig&Voltaire (similar on sale here) | Bag: DVF (more here)