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Remember my urge of running to dress down anything that comes to my sight?
Still does.
Styling being one of the things I enjoy the most of my blog sphere.. Here is a little story.
I’ve been collaborating with the awesome team of for a sometime now. When they offered me to style this white 100% linen shirt from their menswear department, it was music to my ears.
When the postman delivered the boys item, my brain immediately started to think ultra feminine.
Its a bit like the neighbour’s grass is always greener or the unattainable ¬†urge to always want what you cannot hav e kind of thing..
Having a closet much similar to the Narnia’s one (here the boyfriend would agree and pull a face) I found an item which normally would consider too sexy on my boyish taste, this black corset.
The end of the story is the following mathematical statement: I pick an item from the boys department and I pair it up with an ultra feminine garment, the corset in this case, and I wear it with a trend of the season (in this case the jumper on the shoulder ) and I get a result which I quite like and feel good wearing.
Hope you like it too and can find inspirational to your weekend look!
Don’t forget to let me know!
And don’t forget to enter the discount code NICKYCONFINEDPROMO at the checkout to secure an 10% discount on your first purchase on
The code is valid until February 2015!
Inside Out the Look:

Knit: Sheep of Steel (here), Blanket Coat: Antithesis (here), Shirt: Tobias Clothing [menswear dpt] (here) |


Corset: Mango (more here) | Faux Leather leggings: Zara (here) | Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith (here) |

Bag: Burberry (more here) |