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Since I am a mom, weekends means family time and this became my favorite part of the week.

My life often seems to be a race against time. I want to do a million things a day but the hours pass by so quickly that I always find myself struggling with things that still have to be done. Spending quality time with my little family is my priority especially when I am so busy with my job.

I am not gonna lie, I do enjoy Monday mornings too.. when Emma goes to daycare and Menno to the office and I can finally enjoy the silence, a good coffee and organise my work week. But those moments I switch off from social media over the weekend and I dedicate myself 100% to my little girl, make me love my job even more!

Simple, timeless, elegant, perfectly round is what Ebel watches are and I fell in love with them. Time is precious and I love my busy week schedule but also spending it slowly at home enjoying every moment over the weekend.

Having a good quality watch at my wrist is essential for me. This is why when it came down to choose I went for a top Swiss quality and luxury design like Ebel, and I picked my favourite design, the Ebel Wave.


nickyinsideout - free time - quality time - Ebel-watch - review


nickyinsideout - free time - quality time - Ebel-watch - review


During the weekends when I take everything slowly and enjoy time with my family my Ebel watch becomes an amazing accessory and I just love to look down at it! It makes me feel dress up even in my most simple look!

Combination of rose-gold tone and diamonds brings with it elegance and style which make any of my outfit special but at the same time gives me that modern feeling I want. I think it’s the case of the watch, made from stainless steel, which gives that perfect modern feeling.  Diamonds and 18K gold crown make it classy at the same time.  A dial is galvanized in silver with diamonds with application of Ebel symbol. It’s just the perfect combination for a stunning watch! Because the watch’s bracelet is brushed and polished two-tone stainless steel with closing, it looks elegant and easily combinable with any style you may wish!

Do not forget to watch your time and take it slowly sometimes to enjoy time with yourself and your loved ones!


nickyinsideout - free time - quality time - Ebel-watch - review


Created in collaboration with Ebel. Story, styling, creative direction and photography my own.




ebel, free time, quality time, review, watch


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