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Welcome to nickyinsideout!

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. I created nickyinsideout in March 2014 as my personal style journey. I am originally from Italy but just moved to Amsterdam after seven years in London. I moved to London for studies, and after my MSc in marketing management I decided to stay and worked in the fashion industry ever since. After meeting several fashion bloggers in my former job, I realised I wanted to start my own. I wanted something very personal which could give me the chance to live deeply my style journey and meet people with same interests.
Recently my blog became my full time job together with taking care of my baby Emma Maaike. From day one, I have spent every spare minute on it and eventually the hard work paid off. Running my own business while taking care of my daughter makes me the best mom I could ever be because I love what I am doing every minute of my days.
Born as a hobby sharing daily fashion, nickyinsideout became a business, but it’s still the place where I keep sharing my daily outfits and photography together with collaborations, brands, travels and trends I love. This blog also keeps giving me the chance to meet lovely fellow bloggers, some of them who became great friends.
Since September 2015 nickyinsideout is based in Amsterdam and the ones who followed this journey since the beginning know a lot has changed in my personal life. A lot of bumps photos, a new adorable baby girl and a new city, but the real passion for what I do and my dedication never changed.
Nickyinsideout continues as a style blog translating the main seasonal trends into wearable outfits, always maintaining a simple effortless chic mood with some sort of edgy details.
Thanks again for reading my blog and let me know if there is something more you would like to read about.
Nicky x
For all commercial enquiries please see the ‘CONTACT ME’ page.

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