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Now that summer is finally here, there is only one thing sticking to our mind:


Together with the travelling countdown comes also the luggage stress, am I right? Overpacking is always a bad idea. Confusing and not practical. That’s why I thought of sharing some of my packing tips with you! I’ve been travelling a lot lately, most of the times in good company of Emma, apart from the fashion weeks, so I did experience a lot of ‘lack of space’ left for me.

I do have less space left for myself now but surely I do not want to compromise on being stylish on my holiday!



I am not going to focus on all the beach essentials this time, but more on the holidays outfit styling.

The first things I am going to put in my luggage will be a pair of denim shorts, denim skirt and ripped jeans. These can all cover the beach, days in the city or countryside and chilled evenings.

Most of all, the essentials my holiday won’t miss are silk tops and white shirts. They are very versatile in the way that can be worn by itself or layered as I styled it here. The lace detail adds a chic touch to any outfit, day and night and the white shirt (especially if a boyfriend fit) can be worn from the beach as a bikini cover, to a loose top or you’ll be surprised how one well-placed knot can completely transform your look!









Finally, accessories will play a big part in elevating your look and they don’t take a lot of space in your luggage. You can wear very simple clothes, then add some gold jewellery for a boho touch and of course sunglasses. Think of a good bag in a colour that is easy to match to different looks, like this one by Fran Amsterdam. It will play a better role than a black bag which could be a bit harsh on a summer outfit.

Think less is more and think pieces you can wear at least in two different looks mixing and matching. If your key word is ‘versatile’ you won’t be panicking and overpacking this time!!

Have a great holiday and follow my Instagram here for more daily looks and inspirations!










Inside Out the Look:

Bag: Fran Amsterdam | Top: Style Butler | Sunglasses: Polette | Shirt: Comme des Garcon | Shoes: Nike | Jacket: BLKDNM | Necklace: Jane Koenig | Rings: Irena Chmura | Watch: Cluse

Story, styling, photography and creative direction my own. A spacial thanks to Fran Amsterdam.