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If you think about it, what to pack is quite a question mark that follow us for weeks before the holidays. Being able to pack exactly what you need can be considered a ‘form of art’. To actually pack the perfect bag and to make it in a hand luggage, it is a rare skill!
I used to be the worst one. I could have run away with that luggage, and never came back, and I would have had everything I needed . . for months! For a week off, I used to pack as much as if I were there for the full summer. Insane.
What made me re-think my packing ritual was: 
1. The time I could have saved checking in and out the airport.
2. The fact I used to come home and realise I wore a third of the clothes I packed with me. 

Now I only carry a 10Kg top small suitcase and compact according to the size of that bag. Luckily, my holidays are mainly sun seeking so this doesn’t require a lot of clothes. 
Shoeless luxury and beachside absolute means that swimwear rules. 

I build my holiday wardrobe around a statement piece or two which can take me day to night. This time was a shirt dress and culottes. 

The second skill needed is the ability of mix and match. 
Worst case scenario, if my plan fails, here in Italy you do not even need to drive downtown. Even the little side boutiques stock designers . . It’s the country of style after all!

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