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Call me a lucky girl. I basically grew up in a hair salon. 
My mother being a hair stylist, her salon is where I used to spend my afternoons after school observing ladies updating their hair style to the latest trend, getting spoiled by everyone being the little girl of the salon and cutting the hair of my infinite barbie collection. All my barbies had short and coloured hair!! Scary!!
Everyone was expecting me to follow my mother into her profession but I grew up more as a fashionista and affectionate to my father’s credit card before getting a proper job eheh ..
What stayed towards the years it’s what I then named the Nicky’s Day! It’s that day a month totally dedicated to pumpering myself! 
Every time I visit Italy I lock myself up at my mother’s salon spending my day getting hair cut, hair colour, bit of gossip here and there (hey! I need all the updates since I live abroad now!!), mani pedi and so it goes.. Paradise!!
Since I moved to London years ago, it didn’t even crossed my mind to drop good habits. 
This week the Nicky’s Day has been looking like paying a visit to Selfridges ground floor, taking a look on what’s new and ending up in make up shopping (credit cards ‘good habits’ haven’t dropped either), visiting the nail salon then of my favourites hairdresser in London ‘Vidal Sasson’.
Outcome?! Bank account much lighter ..Urghh! Hair a bit shorter ..Big smile on my face! 
Definitely to be tried!!
Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Red Carpet (here
Sheer Finish Pressed Powder: Bobbi Brown (here
Card Holder: Alexander McQueen (more here)

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