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Leather Jacket: Maje (similar here)

Today I am going to introduce you a new IG #7dayschallenge called #7daysEssentials As the self-explanatory name I will feature my wardrobe essentials for the next 7 days in the following order Day 1. Leather Jacket/Coat 2. Shoes 3. Jewellery 4. Bag 5. Top 6. Bottom 7. Blazer-Anyone is welcome to join me and to embrace the spirit of the game you have to think the way ‘what would I pack with me if I had to run away in 5 minutes’ or ‘if my house goes on fire’ (kind of thinking-but I did not want to think to melodramatic!). So we are talking down to Very Essentials here! The aim of the game is to help everyone who is struggling with eliminating noisy pieces which are simply accumulating dust and set up rules for ourselves. Some discipline never hurt anyone, right? I look forward to all your comments and advice on the subject and let’s get started! 

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