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Every time of the year conveys, or brings back (in this case from the 90’s), new trends. Each trend always travels along a relevant list of must have all fashionistas are willing to follow, or not. But at least give it some consideration to be embraced. 
For 2014, it looks like, this piece from the 90’s it’s  making a comeback with a payback! Leather, Denim, Cotton, Suede . . Each stores and magazines are full of choices. 

Personally, it is something I will consider planning my summer holiday wardrobe!

My only concern on overalls is thinking of me wearing it as a early teenager. I looked hideous! Pants with an extension . . anything but feminine ! But oh God, now the biggest names in the industry are supporting it and they kind of set our minds.


But, wait a second! It is true that looking that at this leather one above, I already see it with different eyes! This is no longer what is set on my mind I was wearing 15 years ago, but a sophisticated piece drawn in luxury materials.
So I prefer to never say never . . 

And you? Dungaree trend. Is it a Yes or a No?

 (Freja Beha x Zadig&Voltaire)
(Alexa Chung)

(Danielle – WEWOREWHAT)

Here, you are filled with inspirations:

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