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Maje Total Look: Leather Jacket (similar here) | Tee (here) | Jeans (here) | Belt (here)
If you see me around, you will probably see me wearing this @majeofficiel leather jacket featured this morning on #7daysessentials Day1. I love this oversized one and I am obsessed with black leather jackets..I am planning a MASSIVE cut down of my wardrobe and define it to the things which I love but especially that I am actually wearing! I am planning to sell all the things that are not working anymore for me and setting new buying rules. The first one is Designer only for pieces I can wear often (including work days) and for longer than one season. High street for the pieces which will be soon overstated and super trendy. Basically all those thing which I won't wear anymore in a few months. @style_by_aggie is currently writing super interesting posts about her shopping rules!

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